In order to be part of the Outlaw Energy Drink Sponsorship Alliance, we have measurable requirements in order to have a proper ROI for both parties. 


Outlaw Energy strictly measures investments based on a criterias to be considered a part of the alliance. 


Alliance Proposal Requirements: 

Must submit a proposal including: 

  • Creative branding placement measured by sqft

  • Outlaw can product placement, when and where Outlaw will have placement

  • Wearables placement, Alliance wearable allowance will be available

  • Website co-branding, content art production will be provided from Outlaw

  • Social media content plan that will have Outlaw branding. Outlaw media may set a budget pending CMO approval

  • Allotment of content (how many stories a month, how many posts a month) will be branded with Outlaw logo or cans

  • Media allotment, time an ambassador will enable (in hours per month) 

  • Likeliness agreement, define how we can use your likeliness to promote our brand

  • Exclusive energy drink partner definition

  • Social media handle must be at 20k followers

  • 10-25% engagement rate 

  • Minimum interaction of 3 postings a week and 2 stories a day

  • Meet and greet, how many days the Outlaw Alliance Ambassador will commit in a year to make time for our customers

  • Imaging requirement, Outlaw will be requiring time for  the Outlaw Alliance Ambassador to be a part of a photo shoot TBD 


Please only fill this form if you fit the requirements above